Hi, here are the details on my special offer to save $12k and 2 years on your patent quest. Feel free to share with friends who could enjoy these savings. Wishing you an amazing day! Eduardo

Advanced U.S. Provisional Application within 10 Days of Engagement —-$2500 Value

  • 20-Year Veteran Patent Attorney
  • Redact and Beef-up your technology materials
  • 8-10 Custom-Crafted Patent Claims to Make Doubly Sure the App is Water Tight
  • All Gov’t Fees (Small or Micro Entity, 50-page Max);
  • Paralegal Filing Services
  • Assignment Services
  • Post-Filing Reports & Reminders
  • All Scanning, Copying, Mailing 

Regular U.S. Patent Application Based on Provisional Application —-$10,000 Value

  • 20-Year Veteran Patent Attorney
  • 25 Patent Claims
  • 12 Figures Maximum
  • Applicable Drafting Services
  • All Gov’t Fees (Small or Micro Entity, 50-page Max);
  • Paralegal Signature Collection & Electronic Filing Services
  • Assignment Preparation and Recordation Services & Fees
  • Post-Filing Event Reporting & Reminders Through Final Disposition (Allowance or Final Rejection)
  • All Scanning, Copying, Mailing

3-months Fantastic IP Legal & Business Consulting —-$5000 Value

  • Unlimited On-call Consulting & Advice via Email, Telephone, and In-firm Visits for GC + Exec Team + Lead Inventor with 20-Year Veteran Patent Attorney (IP SuperLawyer)
  • 2 Meetings at your Twin City metro office

Fast Track Filing and Prosecution —-$10,000 Value

  • Fast Track Government Filing Fee ($2000/$1000)
  • 20-Year Veteran Patent Attorney Services for Studying and Responding to up to 3 Patent Office Actions
  • Paralegal Services for Preparing, Proofing, Filing, Docketing & Reporting Responses for up to 3 Patent Office Actions
  • Excludes: Post-Allowance Services, Issue Fees or Maintenance Fees, Continued Examination Fees & Appeals

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

  • If you are not completely satisfied with the consultation services performed by us, we will, at customer’s option, either refund 100% of the maximum available refund for the services rendered, or refund that portion of the maximum available refund to result in a paid amount that reflects your level of satisfaction.
  • Please note that this is a service guarantee; we cannot guarantee specific legal results.
  • Also note that this refund mechanism rewards your active engagement with us and requires that you let us know about any dissatisfaction within one month of its occurrence; so that we can not only take reasonable steps to satisfy you, but also learn how to serve you better.
  • We want you as a permanent member of our growing family and are committed to contributing to your massive success in any way we can.

TOTAL VALUE:  $27,500.   Your Special Discounted Price, if Purchased By Noon Central Time, Sept 29, 2014:  $15,500.  After this date, I’m offering the same package for 30 days at $19,500.   

Terms: 10k down and balance due 3 days prior to filing non-provisional application.  Engagement subject to clearing conflict check and void where prohibited by law or local bar rules.


Trust Account and Maximum Refund Policy

  • We believe in straight talk, transparency, and integrity.  Please note that we don’t put your payments in a trust account, and that they are protected with the following maximum refund policy if you disengage us in the middle of a representation for any reason:  Maximum refund is 70% of fees paid if representation ended prior to delivery of first draft of regular application;  it’s 50% of fees paid less any paid government fees if representation ended after filing of the regular application and before receipt of first office action; and it’s 30% of fees paid less any paid government fees after receipt of the first office action.