6Packing My Innovations for 2016


Pack the Innovation in Your Business with 6 patentability searches and opinions for $2999 over the next 6 months.
Ala carte these are valued at $1500 each.  So it’s an incredible deal to get 6 for less than the price of two.  These are professional quality searches, including both U.S. and international data sources.  And, I’ll personally review the results and provide you a candid opinion of what the results suggest as far as the chances of getting commercially meaningful patent protection.
What’s really cool about this 6Pack concept, my own innovation, is that it’s like setting and committing to a 100-picnic style goal.   You can’t lose. Each one is a victory for your team, a victory for the developer, marketer, engineer, or secretary that brought it forward.  Moreover, even if you don’t have anything new and valuable going in your business or you’ve got just one or two cool things now, purchasing the 6pack with a time limit shows that you believe in your team, you’re committed to innovating, and primes them to get busy innovating more.  You might even find yourself thinking that 6 isn’t enough for the kind of rockstar team that you have.   If that’s the case, and you buy 3 or more packs at once, I’ll personally come and educate your team and leave them with a greater sense of what’s possible in the world of innovation and patents.
Plus, you’ll get 3 total hours of telephone and email access to me to discuss any of the search results and opinions as well as any other related IP legal issues that arise during the 6-month 6pack period.
And here’s the $500 kicker:  If you get positive results on any search and want to pursue those rights, I’ll give you a $500 discount on the price of my platinum level provisional patent application for that invention.  That’s like getting the patent search opinion for free, not to mention the inspirational messaging to your team about your commitment to innovating.
Oh, one more thing.  I’ve learned that taking swift, clear, and decisive action is one of the greatest things an entrepreneur can do to help his or her cause.  So if this fantastic offer sounds good to you, and you’re ready to
6Pack Your Innovation for the New Year,
jump on it on or before Tuesday, February 16th.  The price increases to $3999 after that date. still a killer deal.. and the offer will expire completely on February 29th.  (note this offer void where prohibited by law and local ethics, and subject to conflict check.)


Pack the Innovation in Your Business with 6 patentability searches and opinions for $2999 over the next 6 months.