Hi, welcome to my free download section.  We give away great information because we know that any advisor you hire is only as smart as you are. Yes, you heard that right.   In the context of our relationship, I’m only as smart as you are.

I’ve been practicing patent law for 20 years.  That’s over 40,000 hours of living, breathing, and eating patent, trademarks, copyrights, and related licensing and due-diligence issues.  I’m an expert in this field by virtue of those hours of devoted study and practice with an eye for always getting better.  (You’re probably an expert in your field too.)  Yet, even with all this experience and knowledge to share, I’m still only as smart as you are.  If you don’t know how or when to use me, then it’s all for nothing as far as you’re concerned.  I’m a faucet of information, wisdom, insight, risk-avoidance and opportunity-spotting capability, and you need to know when to turn me own to get any of it.  And I need you to know this as well, so that I can deliver it to you.   So for starters, try these downloads on for size, and stay tuned for more in the coming months.

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