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Legal requirements to get a locksmith license

In the US it’s important to have a license in order to work in several fields. A license represents an official certification about the personal skills and knowledge that are required to work in that particular field.

Normally, for many jobs you can also be hired without a license, but if you are licensed you can obviously have more chance to find an employment.

Getting a license from the ALOA

In the case of locksmith technicians, having a license s necessary to work in many States of the Union. Now,  the ALOA – Associated Locksmiths of America – doesn’t release licenses to anyone. Locksmiths who want to get licensed have to submit an application form. This involves legal aspects, too. 

In fact, locksmiths should have first completed their training course and apprenticeship. When they feel they have worked and trained enough, they can submit their application for licensure along with a payment of $75 and 2 recent passport sized quality pictures.

Other requirements include a locksmith company live scan form signed by the Live Scan Operator, a $32 DOJ fingerprint processing fee which must be paid directly at the Live Scan website.

Importance of locksmith employment

Today, working as a locksmith is one of the top professional solutions to start a career which has a brilliant future ahead. In fact, locksmith professionals are always required both from larger corporations and smaller individual businesses. So, a young locksmith can have plenty of choices for a professional career.

He can choose to work for a senior locksmith, for a building company or he can start his own small business.

Since the opportunities are numerous, it’s important for locksmiths to get additional certifications.

This is the best solution in order to qualify for particular jobs. In fact, locksmiths who can work on generic services are many, but locksmiths who are qualified for more specific services are less numerous.

Types of locksmiths

Assuming that all locksmiths need a license in order to work for a nationwide corporation or in order to get more visibility through online directories, they should also get an extra qualification.

Residential – this is specific field for all locksmiths who want to provide top excellent home services.

Automotive – this is the field for locksmiths who want to provide services for vehicles. With the mobile car locksmith option, locksmiths can provide customers with quicker work times.

Commercial – this is the area for locksmiths who want to work for shops, public places and buildings for commercial purposes.

Automotive locksmiths

Locksmiths who work in the automotive field should be able, according to the legal requirements for this field, to work on all car models and car keys. The top main services are:

Replacement of damaged car parts, duplication of car keys, extraction of car key, repair of broken or jammed car ignition, repair of car door lock.

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