Advanced Provisional Service Specification

  • Senior Attorney Services for preparing and filing a U.S. provisional application based on your original disclosure materials within specified time of disclosure, authorization, and payment, including:
    • Studying and analyzing the disclosure materials to ensure compliance with legal disclosure requirements of enablement and best mode;
    • Redacting legally problematic or counterproductive text;
    • Clarifying technically problematic text;
    • Conferring with inventor(s) for up to 2 hours to further develop disclosure materials;
    • Providing advise, based on content of actual disclosure and conferences, and consultations, regarding addition of content to support patent claims applicable to various forms of potential patent infringement; and
    • Building on 8-10 patent claims not only to further ensure a solid legal and technical foundation for subsequent non-provisional patent applications, but also to strengthen legal basis for international patent protection if selected later
  • Paralegal Services for proofing, organizing, assembling, copying, filing, scanning and otherwise assisting in preparation and filing of the provisional application;
  • Government Application Filing Fee (Covers 50-page application; additional page fees not included)
  • Attorney and Paralegal Services for Reporting & Docketing of the Application Filing Date, One-Year Expiration Date, and Reminders
  • Attorney and Paralegal Services for Reporting & Updating Docketing Database for receiving and verifying accuracy of filing receipt and correcting same as necessary;
  • Attorney and Paralegal Services for Assignment Preparation, Processing, Recordation and all related Reporting and Recordation Verification;
  • Attorney and Paralegal Services for Follow Up Reminders for conversion of the Provisional Application to a regular U.S. application before its expiration;
  • Attorney and Paralegal Services for conferring with inventor(s) or other designated business or technical personnel regarding pursuit of international patent protection (if available), including providing cost estimates and recording of decision regarding same
  • We Recommend Conversion to Regular (Non-Provisional) U.S. Application within 9 months of Filing. Please note that this Regular U.S. application is not included in all packages.


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