Yes!  I’m committed to 6Packing My Innovations for 2016


Your 6-Month 6Pack includes:


6 Fantastic Patentability Searches and Opinions

Each search and opinion is separately valued at $1500, and can be used over the next 6 months to at your discretion.  These are professional grade searches, including both U.S. and international patent and non-patent references.  And, I’ll personally leverage my two decades of patent wisdom and expertise to produce a candid opinion of what the search results indicate as far as the chances of getting commercially meaningful patent protection.

Note: Any searches not used during the 6 month period will be converted to $500 service credits which can be applied to other Fantastic IP services.  The credits will expire at the end of 2016 and cannot be combined with other discount offers.   Yes, we’re talking about a real commitment to your 6Pack here.

3 Total Hours of Fantastic IP Legal Advice and Counseling

Delivered via telephone, skype, and/or email access or at Fantastic IP Headquarters to discuss any of the search results and opinions as well as any other related legal issues that arise during the 6-month 6Pack period.   We love meeting in person, and where it makes sense will offer that option.

And The $500 Discount Kicker on Provisional Patent Applications

If we get positive results on any search and you want to pursue those rights, you’ll receive a $500 discount on the price of my Gold or Platinum Level provisional patent application for that invention.  That’s like getting the patent search and opinion for free, not to mention the inspirational messaging and demonstrated commitment to innovation


6Pack My Innovations

Important Legal Stuff

In honoring our relationship with you, we want you to be aware of certain points.  One is that payments made on this offer are not deposited in a trust account.  Two is that these funds are non-refundable, except pursuant to our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.

Note this is a service guarantee, not a guarantee that you’ll like or even agree with our professional opinion, as that is mainly a function of your invention, the search results, and our independent professional judgement.    However, if you’re not completely satisfied with the service received in delivering any given opinion or other counseling, let us know within 10 business days of receipt and we will work diligently to restore your satisfaction.  If you’re still not completely satisfied after our efforts to restore, we’ll either refund you $500 for the opinion or provide a replacement search and opinion, or find other mutually agreeable solution to ensure your complete satisfaction.  If you notify us after 10 days, you’ll receive a mutually agreeable credit up to $500 for future services; so long as your notification is within 30 days of the delivered opinion.  After 30 days we have full discretion regarding grant of any refunds or credit amounts.  Our mission is to be of service to you and your team for the long term and ultimately contribute to your massive success in any way we can.